Luoghi di Gerusalemme

The Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum is a museum of the history of the City of Jerusalem throughout the ages. The beginnings of the structure can be traced back to the period in which Kind Herod ruled over the kingdom of Judea in Second Temple Period. Remnants of one of the three watch towers built by King Herod still stands today. The fortress was later transferred to the hands of the Romans, and afterwards to the Arabs, the Crusaders, the Mamluks, the Eyuvim, the Ottomans, and eventually, the British.
The museum displays the history of Jerusalem in rooms organized according to historical periods with the earliest period at the entrance and the most recent period at the exit. Near the exit there is a fancy replica of the Old City of Jerusalem in different periods with recorded explanations, moving parts, and changing lights.
Jerusalem and Israel’s magnificent past comes to life at the museum through the use of innovative technology, including holograms, three dimensional displays, and The Night Spectacular, a breathtaking sound and light show projected on the walls of the citadel, fusing old and new.
The museum houses permanent exhibits related to Jerusalem as well as temporary exhibits on contemporary subjects. The museum also hosts events, performances, and concerts, most often on summer nights.