Luoghi di Gerusalemme

Museum of the Underground Prisoners

The Museum of the Underground Prisoners tells the story of the heroes of the various underground operations from the British Mandate period. The Museum is located in the Russian Compound, next to the Jerusalem Municipality building. 
The structure previously served as a Christian hostel and during the British Mandate it was a prison where criminal and political prisoners were held. Some of the prisoners were fighters from the Israeli underground operations: Etzel, Lechi, and Palmach. Famous figures from Israeli history were imprisoned here, including Aba Achimeir, Yisrael Eldad, Moshe Barzani, Meir Feinstein, and Dov Gruner.
In the gallows, around 100 prisoners were killed, and it is dedicated to Meir Feinstein and Moshe Barzani, of the Etzel and Lechi, who upon being sentenced to death, committed suicide there. The red prisoner uniform of the condemned is displayed in the room.
Visitors to the museum can see the tunnel through which 12 Jewish prisoners escaped to freedom, despite heavy security. Visitors can also see the rooms where simple folk were held in contrast to the rooms where people of stature were held. There are also work rooms where prisoners worked, a kitchen, a clinic, a sewing room, and the office of the warden.